TRES LECHES yellow cake, three milks, toasted coconut, frozen chocolate mousse 9.00

PASTEL DE QUESO dark chocolate orange goat cheese cheesecake in a shortbread crust, orange cinnamon caramel & hazelnut mouse 9.00

TORTA Y TRUFAS flourless dark chocolate torte, chocolate ganache, semi-sweet chocolate truffles, raspberry sauce, roasted white chocolate 9.00

CHOCOLATE Y FRAMBUESAS ASADAS chocolate cobbler served hot, topped with raspberries & frozen chocolate mousse 9.00

TARTA DE CHOCOLATE AL WHISKEY layered ice cream cake of whisky soaked pound cake, caramel pecan gelato, brownie, white chocolate mousse, raspberry & chocolate sauces, roasted white chocolate 9.00

FLAN maple flan paired with cayenne candied bacon, sliced granny smith apple 9.00

TARTA ROJA red velvet beet & dark chocolate cake, almond brittle, raspberry almond coconut ice cream (vegan) 9.00