You could go to a standard restaurant with a typical restaurant menu and robotic service for your special event. Or, you could impress your guests with colorful and vibrant decor, a unique style of cuisine, delicious farm-to-table ingredients, and an unforgettable and specialized dining experience tailored for you by our highly trained wait staff! From the moment you step inside our doors, you are embraced by the ambience of San Chez--food, fun, and Spain! Our eclectic music during brunch service and authentic, fiery Spanish songs during tapas service is a delightful addition to the atmosphere. You’ll feel welcomed by vibrant mosaics, exposed brick walls, eccentric art pieces both local and from around the globe, and large windows that give you front-row views to the heart of Grand Rapids. With our bistro-style kitchen, you’ll see our chefs and cooks working their magic, and the mouth-watering scents from their culinary creations are expelled throughout the entire restaurant.

So come visit us, peruse through our website, or contact us for more information!

The San Chez Family

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