BREAKFAST (served until 2pm)

Fried Potatoes with ketchup 4.00

Single Pearl Waffle 2.00

Single Egg 2.00

Daily Fruit  apples, grapes, pineapple & honeydew 3.50

Toast English muffin toast, cracked wheat, marbled rye 1.00

Yogurt Parfait House-made almond granola with raspberry sauce 5.00

Vanilla Maple Oatmeal Cup with brawn sugar 3.00

Half Traditional Breakfast toast, potatoes, single egg, and two pieces of bacon 6.00

Half Cinnamon French Toast cubed french baguette served with brandy caramel sauce 4.00

Half Cheese Omelet colby cheese 2 egg omelet, side of toast 4.75


Fried Potatoes with ketchup 4.00

Kid’s Salad organic greens, cheese, onion, pimientos, mango dressing .99

Chips ‘n Chez tortilla chips and melted colby cheese with salsa 3.99
add guacamole .99

Chicken Tenders choice of grilled or fried chicken with fried potatoes and ketchup 5.99

Kid's Tortellini tri-color tortellini with a creamy cheese sauce and veggies 4.99

Grilled Chez white bread and colby cheese with chips & pickle 3.99

Sautéed Veggies & Rice roasted vegetables & white rice 4.99

Vanilla Ice Cream choice of chocolate, caramel or raspberry sauce 3.99


Kid’s Sangria guava, cranberry, and orange juice, topped with sprite

Tipasa raspberry vanilla cream soda topped with whipped cream

Algerian Sunset peach vanilla cream soda topped with whipped cream

Mallorca strawberry banana cream soda topped with whipped cream

Brix's Soda local grand rapid's soda pop

Milk plain or chocolate 

soy/almond milk available

Juice cranberry, pineapple, grapefruit, guava, orange, or lemonade