TARTA CON TRES LECHES yellow cake, three milks, toasted coconut, frozen chocolate mousse 9.00

PASTEL DE QUESO pumpkin and dark chocolate goat cheese cake, almond caramel brittle, espresso whipped cream 9.00

TORTA Y TRUFAS flourless dark chocolate torte, chocolate ganache, semi-sweet chocolate truffles, raspberry sauce 9.00

CHOCOLATE Y FRAMBUESAS ASADAS chocolate cobbler served hot, topped with raspberries & frozen chocolate mousse 9.00

TARTA DE CHOCOLATE AL WHISKEY layered ice cream cake comprised of whisky soaked pound cake, caramel pecan gelato, brownie, white chocolate mousse, raspberry & chocolate sauces 9.00

CREMA CATALANA spanish crema catalana spiced with clove and orange zest, torched sugar top 9.00

PASTEL DE ZANAHORIA carrot cake, cherry-cranberry chutney, orange creamsicle sorbet, gingersnap cookie (vegan) 9.00