HUMMUS Housemade seasonal hummus on a lavash point 1.00

GAMBAS FANTASIA Sweet & buttery poached shrimp skewer 2.00

CEVICHE SHOOTERS Shrimp, scallops, coconut milk & cilantro 3.00

GAZPACHO SHOOTER Chilled tomato & cucumber soup 2.00

PEPPERED STEAK SKEWERS Peppered bistro steak, cherry tomatoes, pineapple 3.00

CAPRESE SKEWERS Cherry tomato, basil, mozzarella, garnished with garlic oil & sea salt 2.00

SPANISH SKEWERS Grilled chorizo and mushrooms 2.00

MEDITERRANEAN SKEWERS Chuck steak skewers drizzled with Taziki sauce 3.00

MEDJOOL RELLENAS CARNE Dates stuffed with chorizo, pork belly & spicy harissa sauce 2.00

MEDJOOL RELLENAS QUESO Dates stuffed with cardamom goat cheese drizzled with honey 2.00

ALBONDIGAS Local lamb, beef & chorizo meatballs 2.00

LETTUCE WRAPS Head lettuce stuffed with curry chicken salad 2.00

CARNE CROSITINI Crostini with seared med-rare beef, horseradish & shaved onions 3.00

TOCINO FIESTA Roasted pork belly with a mango-habanero-grape glaze 3.00
add scallops 2.00

FRITOS DE QUESO AZUL Blue cheese fritters with red pepper alioli 2.00

FRITOS DE ARROZ Saffron rice fritters, bacon, shrimp, provolone, pesto aliolo 2.00

SETA RELLENA Stuffed mushroom caps with spinach, garlic, roasted red pepper, manchego cheese, tomato vinaigrette 2.00

CROQUETTA Smoked cheddar & potato croquette, garlic alioli 2.00

PINTXOS One bite baguettes with various toppings 2.00

Pintxos Choices:
· Braised pork, red wine blueberry chutney, orange zest
· Spinach, artichoke, herbed goat cheese & fried serrano
· Grilled chorizo, mushrooms, brown butter
· Pulled pork, red onion, cherry almond goat cheese, anchiote
· Tomato puree, roasted garlic, serrano
· Serrano, manchego, garlic alioli
· Pork belly, garlic alioli, tomato
· Jalapeno, cream cheese, bacon, mango coulis

Del Mar
· Blackened shrimp, hard boiled egg, pesto
· Trout spread with fried capers, red peppers
· Salmon lox, whipped scrambled eggs, red onion

· Grilled tomato, roasted garlic, goat cheese
· Mushroom, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, tomato vinaigrette
· Grilled artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, garlic alioli
· Feta, red onions, jalapeno honey, sun dried tomato
· Herbed goat cheese, jam
· Cream cheese, pecan, fruit, maple syrup