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San Chez not only has a great dining experience but we can bring the dining experience to you. May it be at home or elsewhere, San Chez provides full service from setting the table to cleaning the last dish. We specialize in smaller, intimate events from 75 people or less.

Our Services include: Buffet Dining, Butler Items, Full Bar, and Drop-Offs.

We work with a variety of dietary needs as well & can help customize the menu to your desire. Tapas give us the ability to do this. While providing a variety of flavors to please even the pickiest of palates. It provides more options to your guests & everyone will have more than enough to eat. Try for yourself when you book with us & receive your free tasting!

Pricing for events may vary but we like to give starting quotes at about $28-$30 per person for food (before tax and gratuity)

Try something unique this year & let San Chez help make your event the best of the year!

Responsible Restaurant Initiatives

At San Chez, being "green" is not just a trend. It is the very heart of who we have been for two decades....and always will be.

We Were Green When It Was Just A Color

For the past 23 years San Chez Bistro has been on the leading edge of programs and technologies that minimize our carbon footprint. Our sustainability efforts range from green energy to minimizing our waste stream to recycling fryer oil.

Today our recycling and composting program is among our more important "green" initiatives because it has the greatest impact and broadest involvement within our community. Currently we recycle 19.5 tons of mixed materials and compost 83 tons of organic material every year. These two programs effectively divert 91% of our waste stream from landfills and incinerators and eliminates an estimated 112.5 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and soils.

Our commitment to be a responsible restaurant does not stop with the "three Rs" - reduce, reuse, and recycle. We also work hard to support local businesses by incorporating locally produced ingredients and organic products into our culinary creations. The unpredictability of Mother Nature, the changing seasons and the demands of a high-volume restaurant require us to partner with our local producers and work together on a sustainable plan of action. Not only does this offer our guests the best possible quality, but it also helps them feel good about their dining experience at San Chez.


Environmental Initiatives